Suspend My Disbelief


This is Caissie Levy, my favorite voice in the musical theater world, a fierce belter and dedicated actress…and part of the driving force that made Ghost The Musical an astonishing, moving and inspirational performance this evening.
I will admit, I was initially skeptical of anything coming from a musical adaptation of a iconic movie to be anything of depth or contain any type of theatrical integrity. I eat my words. This musical blew me away. I think it’s my new favorite! The voices easily glided over the vocal riffs of this modern rock musical, with heart wrenching ballads, and blood pumping company numbers. The musical took a few liberties to make things easier for the stage, but not much. Also, it was set in the modern day.
Da’Vine Joy Randolph gave a stellar performance as Oda Mae Brown, for which she is nominated for a Tony! (And it’s her broadway debut!
This show grasped the audience’s attention with amazing special effects and lighting that made the performance experience like a 3D movie, setting a new standard for technical design in Modern Musical Theater.
I was in awe of my idol, Caissie Levy, who’s performance of “Dear Daddy” I found on YouTube inspired me to use he song at springboard. Very few times do theater performances hold my entire attention; there’s always something unrelated in the back of my mind, periodically inching its way to the forefront of my mind until the next dazzling note, punch line or hard combination is executed, pulling me back into the present.
But not with this show, I was fully attentive, present and alive. I want to take the way this show affected and inspired me and spread it around the world like sweet jam, I don’t know what to do with all of this extra energy and life!

This is why I chose the theater life. This is why I’m here.


*Suspend my Disbelief is a song from the musical*

Tomorrow is the first day of The Springboard NYC program. I feel so unprepared. The most I know about tomorrow is that I need to be at a certain place before 10 am to begin. (and free breakfast!)

Janie, another student from my school, went by the theater today and found an itinerary:


Um…. WTH? An audition workshop on the first day? My anxiety rises… what on earth is going to happen tomorrow?

I lay on my cot at the YMCA at W 63rd street desperately fighting off the large, strategic armies of sleep… They outnumber us and threaten to overpower but still we hold on. I apologize, dear readers, that this entry is thin, non descript and frankly lacking, but I’m afraid I’ve worn myself out and I have to be awake early to arrive for my scheduled day of complete unexpected events.
I owe you one. Zzzz….Zzzz…Zzz….


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