Uncle Vanya

Today was mostly a free day. I traveled around Hell’s Kitchen and treated myself to a very fancy Italian lunch, while looking around both on foot and via Iphone for areas that I could see myself living in… I mastered the subway and felt like a local. 🙂

We met in SoHo to see a new translation of Uncle Vanya, littered with famous faces and directed by Sam Gold. SoHo is gorgeous, and way over priced, but I was relieved to respond so strongly to a neighborhood! I started to realize what types of things are on my list… location is big for me, I don’t mind a longer commute for a little more of a communal feel. Manhattan isn’t for me, but something outside might be.

I absolutely loved the show. We sat on carpeted risers on pillows, inches away from a living room set that we circled, but also circled us! We were literally apart of the set, which is wonderful in a Chekov play, which is all about intimate relationships. The translation was much more modern and aggressive in a lot of ways.

In our Q/A session with director Sam Gold, I was very disappointed. I asked him how he thought the modern vernacular made the play more accessible and why this translation seemed to be a little more aggressive… but he didn’t really have an answer. I then asked him whose play it was, whose story. He said it varies every night… and that was it. I was hoping for a more in depth answer of some sort.

We have just arrived back at our dorms, and we are about to head out to eat dinner. 🙂 I will post pictures of said dinner after!




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