Beautiful Brooklyn


Guess what I did today? 🙂 Yep. WE WENT TO THE DRESS REHEARSAL OF THE TONY AWARDS! I saw Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Burnadette Peters, Cassie Levy, Audra McDonald, Norm Lewis, Norbert Leo Butz…. so many incredible performers! It was so unreal and amazing! I felt like I was in on the secret before the rest of the world. This dream doesn’t feel far away for me anymore… intangible. I can do this. These people are just like me, I can be performing on this stage for my nominated show… maybe even MY nomination!

After the dress rehearsal, a group of us went out to explore the city. We grabbed lunch, then headed to Brooklyn to shop in local thrift stores and a Sunday flea market. We found the artsy district of Brooklyn, Williamsburg. For the first time I found an area I really loved, affordable, with a sense of community, not overwhelming like Manhattan. I am compromising a longer commute to possibly live in an area near parks, shopping, art and at an affordable price! We had a blast. I’ve just arrived home, and I feel like a small child that played hard all day. Beaming, and exhausted. I could pass out right now. I’m so happy that I found a place that my heart responds to… New York can be the dream, not the compromise, you know? Plus, cute, cheap shopping is always a plus 😉

How can you not fall in love with this view?



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