“New York Isn’t Going Anywhere”

Today we met Meg Mortimer, Manager with Principal Entertainment. Meg taught is about the differences between an agent and manager, and how a manager should approach you (with contract, taking no more than 10%). We also learned how a typical meeting with a potential client goes, as well as when she knows she wants to sign an actor. She also reviewed our headshots (ugh, not again… I get it, it’s bad!) She told us that glossy is NOT anyone’s friend. She told me specifically that my headshot was “too perfect” and that you never want to compete with your headshot. She told me I was prettier than my headshot, which didn’t look like me, and that I am very “indie” and my headshot should represent that.I never saw myself as indie, but everyone keeps saying it… hmmm…

We met past springboarders who are now working actors: Joel Perez, Brian Drummy, Kaylon Howard, Sheira Feuerstein and Sarah Saakan. Most of them now live in the Upper West Side, but Sarah lives in Williamsburg for under $850!!!! Most of them are servers, but Sheira is a web designer on the side.
They gave us several audition tips which I wrote down:
* 16 bars of your best and what you feel good doing that shows who you are… not necessarily something that shows off or is difficult.
* Plan something after your audition… get your mind off of it!
* Remember the name of the people you audition for, keep a log, and research who they are and the company before you audition.
*Greatest audition moments come from our ‘horror stories”.
* Life still happens outside of auditioning… don’t forget that!
*”I am not their problem, I am their solution”. I am their treat! They are so lucky!
* Use each audition as a goal. “This audition I will fix ____, I will improve ____, I will work on ____”
* Take classes at 1 on 1. They gave us several names to look out for.

They also pointed out that you may only get “one big ask” from the people you know, so choose wisely. Don’t be a person who only speaks when you need something. Keep in touch with those that you have met in the theater community. Don’t feel above certain projects… and don’t burn any bridges!

Finally, we were supposed to meet Jo Sullivan Loesser, but something came up, so instead we had a brief conversation with Ted Chapin, the chair of The American Theatre Wing! He also told us he is ahead of the rights to Rodgers and Hammerstein Co. (Which is pretty freakin’ cool). We asked his opinion on several shows including A Streetcar Named Desire He was blown away… and Ghost: The Musical to which he said that there should be a ban on movie musicals. Hm,I guess we can disagree. He also said that the newer technology in theater is economically frightening, causes theater designers to be lazy, audiences to rely on it and to be distracted by it. I thought that was an interesting perspective. I, on the other hand, think that it makes the possibilities in theater expand, and reaches to a younger generation of audiences…. and the musical style, just like with all musical theater, is responding to pop culture and the sound that the masses are responding too… but that’s just me :).

We were done early today, out by about 6pm. We are all going to hang out in Williamsburg again and then find some nightlife closer to the city.


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