Success Is A Question Away

This morning we met had a “Who’s Who In The Theatre” session. We met Eva Price, Producer, Jim Glaub, Creative Director of Serino Coyne Digital, Robert Jones, Senior Account Executive at Serino Coyne Digital, Tracy Geltman, Company Manager at 321 Theatrical Management. We heard about what they do, and some of the things they’ve learned along they way. I asked Eva Price, “Is Peter and the Starcatcher a GP, LLC or LP? Also, how do you switch from communicating with creative individuals to more business and financial focused people and make they are able to understand one another?” Before she answered my question, she told me to contact her in a year because she had an internship for me!!! Thank you John Mac for your Theater Management course last semester!

Our next session was “How Shows Get To Broadway; The Making of Newsises”. We met Thomas Schumacher (President of Disney Theatric Group) and Jeff Calhoun. Thomas was extremely sassy and bold, saying such things as “Disney raised you. We are your childhood”. However, his story was the most inspiring rags to riches story. He told us to lie, yes to lie! Make yourself indispensable, and meet everyone you can! “I am whee I am today because I answered a payphone and said yes!” Networking is absolutely everything. Adjusting = success, because nothing goes according to plan, but have a plan.
He also told us that Beauty and the Beast was an AIDS metaphor and that Geuston (sp?) was gay culture. He said this is the most evident in the lyrics of “Kill The Beast”. That was interesting.
Afterwards, I talked to him about Disney being credited with cleaning up broadway and internationalizing American Musical Theater. (Just applying some general Musical Theater knowledge) and he told me that I should look into an internship at Disney theatrical!!! What?! Needless to say, today has been pretty amazing. 🙂

Our next session was “Show Me The Money” With Joesph P. Harding of Forrest Solutions. He told us that he used to be an actor, and was in the final call back with the guy from seinfeild for Merry We Roll Along! He told us “To whom much is given, much is expected.” He decided to stay in his career, frankly, because he likes being financially well off (he has 3 houses!). He told us about having both a business and theatrical resume. He told us that we have to set aside time for auditioning and working, no matter what. We talked about day jobs, what would work, and what would be too consuming. He told us to look at Harlem and Brooklyn for apartments and The Bronx, we could get a one bedroom for $800 a month! He told us that we must sell a skill of ours for our day job. You must run your credit report, criminal records and always bring two forms of ID when applying for ANYTHING. He was incredibly helpful and told us that we could contact us anytime for anything, tell him we are with springboard and he would help us PROBONO! What an incredible heart that man has (and an incredible sense of humor).

Next was the session that I have been looking forward to the entire time… “SINGING FOR ACTORS!” with Jeff Blumenkrants (Jeff Blum for short). He told us to pick a song that shows us “the you-est YOU!” (a theme here.)
He said to think about 3 things before choosing a song: 1. Who are you talking to? 2. Why are you bothering? 3. What is your problem?

I was terrified when I went up to sing, but I didn’t push, and the song sounded great. Jeff leaned back, his face stoic, and told me “the musical theater kids are across the hall”. A compliment… I think. He told me that I should definitely be doing singing auditions. 🙂
Here were the notes as we workshopped the piece: 1. riff later in the song so you have somewhere to go. 2. Riff with a verb, justify it. 3. Show vulnerability, “daddy” can be omnipresent since he is dead. 4. Don’t go into pop singer mode (head back, eyes closed), Only justified, human movements.

Hmmm… maybe it isn’t unrealistic for me to look for a career that includes musical theater. 🙂


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