Your Ace of Hearts

Today Randy talked to us about the Business of Acting. We learned about EMCs and Agents and Managers, the importance of Thank You notes (we are required to write one to everyone we have encountered at SBNYC) We got our resume’s back with notes on them on how they could improve. “A resume is an invitation to have a conversation.”

I didn’t feel well today, I had a nasty stomach bug. I asked Randy to be removed from the list of participants for the workshop, and decided to be an observer instead.This was and Audition Workshop with Tony WINNER Kathleen Marshall, who directed NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT and Anything Goes. (Did you know Rob Marshall is her brother???)
Here are some main points I wrote down:
*Movement follows emotion, she said, not vice versa.
* You must be specific, and honest!
* find a personal connection when singing, the rest will take care of itself.
* why do we repeat a line when singing? what is different?

Next was one of my favorite workshops with Cara Greene, “So You Wanna Be An Actor?”

This workshop was more spiritual. We learned about how to keep our self love, through an exercise with playing cards. We walked with a card on our heads, unaware of our status (2 being the lowest, and Ace being the highest), and through how other people interacted with us, we determined our status. The second time we went through, we looked at our card, and no one else knew our card, and through our interaction with others, people figured out our status. There is a way people treat you and the way you treat yourself. You can’t let other people define how you feel about yourself. You are always in control of your internal status… so always be your own Ace of hearts! Love what you do, or do something else!
We then learned about dream mapping, backwards mapping and using these tools to create goals for ourselves… and thus, a successful, happy future.

After that, we met Christian Borle of Smash and Peter and the StarCatcher. He had a fascinating story, and admitted that he does very little prep work for a role, which I found very unusual. “Other people’s success is not Your future”. He talked about over preparing for auditions, which is what he believes to be the secret to his success.

We quickly grabbed dinner (always on the run, here!) And went to go see Newsies! I have to admit, I didn’t think I would like this show very much, but here I am, listening to the cast album on my iphone… ;P
The show was full of energy and extremely difficult choreography, and the lead cracked on his money note, which most people would be turned off by, but I found it humanizing… it made me enjoy it more, actually.

We talked back with most of the cast, some of them who were as young as 20! They talked about the intense audition process. The first audition was about 1,300 people!
Despite their young age, they were full of wisdom:
* Your time is coming, never give up. Don’t compare and despair.
* Keep it positive
* Learn all that you can in all aaspects.
* Don’t be crazy! You will see people again.
Learn from auditions. Each audition is a chance to perform.

“Broadway needs you guys.” Yes… yes it does. đŸ™‚


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