The Mock Open Call Audition/ Saying Goodbye

Today was the Mock Open Call Audition. I auditioned for Leah Gardiner, Heidi Griffiths and John Baxidine.

I signed up for the first slot, ready to get it over with. I performed my Julius Ceasar monologue and my monologue from House of Blue Leaves.

After I finished the two, Leah asked me if I would do my Portia again, but softer, she felt like it came from a place of love rather than anger.

Are you kidding me?! All this time I was punishing myself thinking I “did it wrong”, when my instincts were spot on for this audition. I did it again, the way I was most comfortable with it.

They were all very complimentary, saying they would cast me today for a classical piece. They loved my clear character work, and they said watching me was a “pleasure”. They did not ask me to sing, which was disappointing, but I was thrilled to have such an incredible audition! It was sort of my first New York audition!

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone, though… my new family. We’ve already started a facebook group that we are all apart of. This is my new network. My new family.

We are supposed to hang out tonight again now that the program is officially over, but many have already caught a plane home. I found my personal statement that I wrote back in 2010, and I am surprised by how spot-on I was….

““When you find it, you’ll just know”, the casual line tossed toward anyone anticipating major life transitions. Love? You’ll just know. Buying a house? You’ll just know. The perfect outfit for Saturday night’s semi-formal dinner date? Well, you get it…
When I first visited New York City in 2007, I found it: my husband, my house, my perfect outfit. I just knew that this is where I was meant to be. Where I belonged. The feeling of finally arriving home shook my core. A wave of excitement tingled at my feet, crawled up my spine and soared to my head, nearly knocking me over. Here I stood in New York City with my entire future waiting for my return, fruitful with success and fulfillment. My arrive into the city jolted my spirit as hard as it did the day I realized I needed theater in my life for the rest of my days. It was no longer a question of “if” but “when”.
I am not fearful of being ambitious or an unwavering big dreamer in a small world, but I know that my hard work, ambition and dreaming have not solely earned my success as an actress. I have grown under the patient guidance of many different teachers, mentors, directors, professors and friends. I love theater because it is a profession and art that one can never master. You can never reach the “top” because there are always new opportunities to learn and grow. And your best can always get better, as I learn time and time again throughout my career.
Spring board is the program that I’ve been looking for and it feels like it was specifically formed just for me. As if someone heard all of my concerns, things I desired to learn, goals I have and experiences I wanted and formed a summer intensive based just around that.
I fell in love with a foreign land; the actor scene of NYC, and I can’t succeed in this new strange land without first understanding how it works, the language, the livelihood, the flow, the people, the workforce, everything there is to know to fully grasp this place and use it to my advantage. I want to avoid the clumsy footsteps of a wide-eyed tourist turned NYC actor who is learning through experience, but such is my fate if I pack the U-Haul and set out on my own. I want to arrive confident and prepared. All I know of theater is my passion and the art itself; however I know nothing of the business or networking side of it. How will I fare when auditioning for complete strangers who haven’t seen me in a classroom setting or my previous work? Do I have what it takes in this moment for my dreams to manifest into reality?
I want to go to Springboard and learn all of my auditioning weaknesses so I can improve as an actor and all of my strengths so I can further use them. I am excited for the opportunity to improve. I want to understand what it is professional New York City is looking for in a sea of actors who are my exact type so I can stand out. I am eager to hear words of wisdom and the “dos and don’ts” of those who have been exactly where I am today and their journey in finding success in acting in NYC.
Springboard will be my opportunity to experience New York City not as an outside visitor, but as a living, working actor. ”

Well Shakiera, You did it. And look at all the new beautiful artists that are now in your life….


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