Quickies: February 2014


The tide’s coming in,

And our footprints in the sand

Wash away with the vast endless empty.

I wanted to hold on forever

But you can’t catch the sea.

You seeped through my fingers


But sometimes the flowers

Are just weeds

And the chills you feel

Are from a breeze

The aches and pains

Were never about me

You painted a picture

So you don’t see

Painted a picture

All over me


But late in the night,

Beyond the midnight hour,

When he is next to you, his back turned

And your brain’s running at full power.

Do you remember her laugh, the light and free melody?

Do you remember the dreamer, ambitious and full of energy?

Do you remember the dancer, arms stretched and whirling wildly?

Do you remember, the girl you used to be?


He says you’re stressed, you need to relax.

You fake a smile, use clever syntax.

He’s attractive, patient, loving and kind.

Perfect on paper, but chooses to be blind.

You divert him away from the secret you bare:

It wasn’t a change in feelings; but that they were never there.


I wanna be the smile, that rests on the corner of your mouth.

The one that spreads across your face & lights those eyes I’m always talking about.

I wanna be the reason you pluck the strings on your guitar.

I want you to notice the outfit I wore to meet you at the bar.

I want you to see me as witty, cleaver, crazy, sexy, cool.

But I want to bite my tongue, bury my head, stop acting like a fool.

I want to be the waist that is wrapped by your strong arms.

I want to be the one you strive to woo with your wicked boyish charms.

…. I want to unsee the night you gave her a kiss-

But more than anything, I want to stop feeling like this.


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