Coming Into Frame

I am no longer posting selfies in 2016.

No videos. No OOTD. No pictures with me in them. At all.

If you take one of me, fine… but someone else has to be in it.

I want my memories to be framed in what I think is important… and right now, I think my life should be less “me” centric and more focused on how I interact with the things around ME. Less about approval and more about experience.

I’m also going to severely cut down on my social media time, taking week(s) long breaks, and using it more for communication/information, instead of killing time. The thing about things posted on the internet, is that they will still be there, regardless of relevance, throughout the day.

…but the sun works on a schedule, and I’d hate to miss its precious rays in the small time I’m allotted between obligation and leisure.

Time is slipping out of my fingers like a restless stream of fresh water. This precious resource refuses to be contained, so I think I should nourish what I can in an existence that has an unknown ending.

This is in no way an attack on social media. It’s awesome. It’s in no way an attack on society or the way people utilize their time.

This isn’t about anyone or anything else… it’s a journey of self discovery. I’m making it public because I think we often only want to show our “best” sides…. always profile picture ready. And the truth is, especially in my mid twenties, I have more questions than answers, more confusion than clarity… I don’t think I’m alone, and I don’t want anyone else living in that falsehood, either. I want the freedom to be my most authentic self (when I figure out who she is…) in all of my interactions. I want to show every side. I think we can be beautiful even in our darkest times. We can celebrate life even when we’re not “winning”.

I don’t want to give anyone the illusion that I am anything less than human.


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