November Notations

Everything came easy to her when she tried, even with shameful lack of effort.

Maybe that’s why she made things so hard on herself.

She needed obstacles to justify why she wasn’t going anywhere.

Self sabotage is the ultimate excuse without a source, veiled in disguise.

You always had it, it was always yours. This is bullshit and you know it. It’s your own doing.


Nothing is permanent.

Terrifying and Freeing.

Freedom is scary.

Without limits, you might just see

How powerful you are.

She kept telling me she wasn’t ready for a relationship

But what I heard was,

“I’m not ready to let you love me.”

Because if I loved her, she’d have to believe it.

Which means, she’d have to love those things about her, too.

She’d have to see the truth in it.

And why she was so worthy of a man who wanted to repay his gratitude

To her worth.

She was out of his league…

But she was so lost in self-doubt

She walk toward any light

Never noticing that they were merely

Reflecting her radiance.


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