Here’s how to navigate in the madness:

  • Springboard 2012– A collection on entries written about my my time at the American Theatre Wing’s Springboard NYC. A truly amazing experience that helped me understand the business side of being an artist in the greatest city in the world between my Junior and Senior year of college. The experience was amazing, but the writing… not so much. It was required writing for an internship credit, and it is visibly rushed. I kept it posted, as I remember searching the internet for some first person accounts before my summer adventure. But seriously, one of the best experiences of my life that continues to reward me.

  • Quickies Very short works, usually poems or pieces of stories. These tend to be numbered instead of titled.

  • False Fiction– Longer works of fiction-ish.

  • Confessions of a Love Fiend The laments and rejoicings of the relationship game.

  • Quarter Life Crisis–  The most blog-like category you’ll find here. First person, delusional omniscient.

  • Works In Progress – A polite way of labeling “indefinitely unfinished” work.

  • The Challenge – A collection of subjects, a lines, a words or ideas given to me by others without prompt. I write about the suggestion for exactly one hour. Stream of consciousness and unedited.

  • Once Upon A Journal– Journal entries from the past.